Bland Co Fair September 11-14
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TBD all Classes for the
2018 Bland County Fair Exhibits

Department A - Homemaking
Department B - Needlework
Department C - I. Handicrafts II. Paintings and Photography
Department D - Youth Exhibits
Department E - Flowers
Department F - Farm Crops
Department G - Eggs
Department H - Dairy Cattle
Department I - Beef Cattle
Department K - Sheep
Department K-1 - Market Lambs
Department L - Pet Show
Department M - Poultry



Homemaking Homemaking B
Needlework Handicrafts
Youth Exhibits Youth Exhibits B
Flowers Flowers B
Farm Crops Vegetables
Dairy Cattle Beef Cattle
Sheep Market Lambs
Pet Show Poultry


Bland County Fair • Fairgrounds • Bland, Virginia 24315
Fair: August 23-25, 2018 - Horse Show: September 7th & 8th, 2018
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